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Relics in a barn70carol2015Relics in a barnPleasant Day on the Farm~ Markfrost99BronwynPleasant Day on the Farm~ MarkfrostEvening stroll150sherrie11Evening strollThe Last Frontier88dccoburnThe Last FrontierRed Barn ~ Versch88dccoburnRed Barn ~ VerschRed Farmhouse35ctompkins44Red FarmhouseThe view from the orchard99alseaThe view from the orchardSpring delight90alseaSpring delightDSC_5473117AzuriteHolisticDSC_5473Spring Plowing~ John Berkey99BronwynSpring Plowing~ John BerkeyBarn 128pcpinBarn 1Barn 430pcpinBarn 4Barn 1728pcpinBarn 17Barn 630pcpinBarn 6Barn 1028pcpinBarn 10Barn 1128pcpinBarn 11Barn 1224pcpinBarn 12Barn 1328pcpinBarn 13Barn 1428pcpinBarn 14Barn 1628pcpinBarn 16Barn 1828pcpinBarn 18Barn 2030pcpinBarn 20Barn 2128pcpinBarn 21Barn 2628pcpinBarn 26