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a very surprised cow35barduna very surprised cow43449_orig252TrishaLee43449_origLavender and memories78alseaLavender and memoriesMoments to Remember70TrishaLeeMoments to RememberOld farmhouse by Dominic Davison ♡♡12halosuggyOld farmhouse by Dominic Davison ♡♡Colorado barn35LetiBravoColorado barnSummer Escape70Cookie303Summer EscapeRed Wheel112Marlaco55Red WheelEmpty, but still standing90alseaEmpty, but still standing14c9c4f6f0cfa855c7f2a6b8621823d98814c9c4f6f0cfa855c7f2a6b8621823d9American Flag Barn140disney453American Flag BarnBarn300BarnBarn wall96PhotogBarn wallWild lillies (2)36questionWild lillies (2)Country storm169sherrie11Country stormOrdinarily beautiful35questionOrdinarily beautifulCountry Barn112BrenlenaCountry BarnConnecticut morning221kwybarraConnecticut morningExteriorSouthEastCorner98PatNoExteriorSouthEastCornerTime to put the hay in88alseaTime to put the hay inOld Barn Tennessee USA120gamtnwxOld Barn Tennessee USAPennsylvania Barn in the Fall USA117gamtnwxPennsylvania Barn in the Fall USABarn Owl on an Old Tree Mt Vernon Ohio USA99gamtnwxBarn Owl on an Old Tree Mt Vernon Ohio USATired Barn Bismarck North Dakota USA96gamtnwxTired Barn Bismarck North Dakota USA