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Babies54PattyOliveiraBabiesBooties-Knitting80PattyOliveiraBooties-KnittingBaby36PattyOliveiraBabyBaby48PattyOliveiraBabyBaby100PattyOliveiraBabyBaby hat with large pom poms12KarindBaby hat with large pom pomsBaby Turtle6KarindBaby Turtle♡ Cute Piglet ♡ ~ POTW ♡ ♡ ♡9halosuggy♡ Cute Piglet ♡ ~ POTW ♡ ♡ ♡Babies42MJRABabiescute baby54CoraGHcute babyAmigurumi bears80MJRAAmigurumi bears#Beautiful Knit Baby Blanket and Booties20Kaboomer#Beautiful Knit Baby Blanket and BootiesKnit Converse Baby Booties12KaboomerKnit Converse Baby Booties#Rainbow Knit Baby Cardigan12Kaboomer#Rainbow Knit Baby Cardigan#Knitting Club Sampler6Kaboomer#Knitting Club SamplerKnit Sleepy Fox Baby Toy4KaboomerKnit Sleepy Fox Baby ToyCute baby by Anne Geddes60marilousCute baby by Anne GeddesA Beautiful Gift,  Helene Power Photography, Pinterest..35715ajan3A Beautiful Gift, Helene Power Photography, Pinterest..Baby clothing120DOLOZALBaby clothing♡ Pretty Shoes ♡ ♡♡♡12halosuggy♡ Pretty Shoes ♡ ♡♡♡Two Bears created by Anita Wilschut15KarindTwo Bears created by Anita WilschutColours of the Rainbow by Heather Symes...35715ajan3Colours of the Rainbow by Heather Shoes48PattyOliveiraRainbow Shoes