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The beauty of Azaleas in a Japanese Garden48RuneThe beauty of Azaleas in a Japanese GardenSweet spring-time.35Condemnedeye10Sweet spring-time.Purple Azaleas35artytypePurple AzaleasWhite Azaleas35artytypeWhite AzaleasGraceland.image99scameron262Graceland.image^ Old barn in the Spring24300zx^ Old barn in the Spring11694159_10153493110231463_3920735651107537417_n28911694159_10153493110231463_3920735651107537417_nHimatangi, Karl Maughan208bardunHimatangi, Karl MaughanSpring54gelsominaSpring545474 - Hill azaleas72gelsomina545474 - Hill azaleasPink Azaleas40WyoAZgalPink AzaleasWhite Azaleas & Bee54WyoAZgalWhite Azaleas & BeeBiltmore Azaleas300Biltmore AzaleasAmazing Azaleas56sg2310Amazing Azaleas^ Hydrangeas Azaleas Tulips and Cinerarias35300zx^ Hydrangeas Azaleas Tulips and CinerariasAzalea with a bumblebee - Skylands99LaZoilaAzalea with a bumblebee - SkylandsAzaleas at Skylands - NJ Botanical Garden108LaZoilaAzaleas at Skylands - NJ Botanical GardenCallaway Azaleas300dms489Callaway Azaleas^ Tulips, azaleas and hyacinths42300zx^ Tulips, azaleas and hyacinths11050761_10152771471101048_8540982580944864572_n102ilove11050761_10152771471101048_8540982580944864572_nEarly Spring 2015 041 small42Early Spring 2015 041 smallEarly Spring 2015 01042Early Spring 2015 010Early Spring 2015 009 crop small48Early Spring 2015 009 crop smallEarly Spring 2015 003 crop small42Early Spring 2015 003 crop small