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Hydromedusae120tnbsktsHydromedusaeOur Escort Into Queen Charlotte Cove32AmyJoyOur Escort Into Queen Charlotte CoveRoxy the Dolphin300morandrisRoxy the DolphinParaparaumu Beach Beached Whale50AmyJoyParaparaumu Beach Beached WhaleOrca Morgan300morandrisOrca MorganTortues aquatiques40Vinca0Tortues aquatiquesUlises the Killer Whale300morandrisUlises the Killer WhaleSunken112AmyJoySunkenDolphin Kiss300morandrisDolphin KissSea Garden90AmyJoySea GardenLiving Coral35AmyJoyLiving Coralriver tales 1130maria33river tales 1Jellyfish96mikeyjdJellyfish"Under the Sea"152lora"Under the Sea"This Side Up25AmyJoyThis Side UpIm a Happy Fish77AmyJoyIm a Happy FishWood duck81tnbsktsWood duckGreat crested grebe60leoleobobeoGreat crested grebeCatch of the Day117AmyJoyCatch of the DaySeal in close-up40leoleobobeoSeal in close-upA Crab's Life on 90 Mile Beach50AmyJoyA Crab's Life on 90 Mile BeachSea Cow aka Manatee88AmyJoySea Cow aka ManateeSea otters - mom and pup60leoleobobeoSea otters - mom and pupLace Coral28AmyJoyLace Coral