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healthy food-vegetables12ardenahealthy food-vegetables^ Apple blossom12300zx^ Apple blossomThe Big Apple, Thulimbah, Queensland, Australia.96janellecarterThe Big Apple, Thulimbah, Queensland, Australia.Apple Time228clynndunnApple Time^ Apple tart with ice cream and caramel sauce6300zx^ Apple tart with ice cream and caramel sauceThe-dog-ate-my-homework-300-piece-puzzle-jane-maday-sunsout-jigs70TrishaLeeThe-dog-ate-my-homework-300-piece-puzzle-jane-maday-sunsout-jigsSusan Bourdet 'Northern Oriole'99rwmainSusan Bourdet 'Northern Oriole'Healthy food12mika7Healthy food^ Apple basket30300zx^ Apple basketMele al forno54occhiverdiMele al fornoJane Maday 'An Apple a Day'130rwmainJane Maday 'An Apple a Day'Apple Blossoms300OceannaApple BlossomsThree Candied Apples77danettelincolnThree Candied ApplesCaramel Apple Spice Cheesecake (LaRocca) - Symposium Cafe28KissMyAspergersCaramel Apple Spice Cheesecake (LaRocca) - Symposium CafeCat apple99KerkanaCat appleApples on tree300OceannaApples on treeApple Baskets300OceannaApple Basketshamper of apples90Kerkanahamper of applesDaybreak hamper90KerkanaDaybreak hamperApple Blossom35artytypeApple Blossomhealthy food-fruits15ardenahealthy food-fruitsApples in the basket150AtoZApples in the basketHoneycrisp or Die  ... The Garden of Eden Motto9FollowMeHoneycrisp or Die ... The Garden of Eden MottoFruit Basket150BobsterFruit Basket