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Ken Zylla Country Roads 'Life in the Past Lane'150rwmainKen Zylla Country Roads 'Life in the Past Lane'22ford c-cabpickup topiol35Karlitos22ford c-cabpickup topiolGlass colour108ArtQuarkGlass colour^ Primitive living room24300zx^ Primitive living roomHotrod Garage299WatervillefirefighterHotrod GaragePickers Paradise300WatervillefirefighterPickers ParadiseOld kansas farm truck35cmsrOld kansas farm truckBlack and White Old Car45msqrd2Black and White Old CarFlyfishing90gregmillerFlyfishingYellow farm truck35cmsrYellow farm truckGreen Flame Cougar35cmsrGreen Flame CougarCougar Texaco35cmsrCougar Texaco1936_Ford Coupe35barneycat1936_Ford CoupeVolvo-hot-rod in front of barn35barneycatVolvo-hot-rod in front of barnAntique vase80janellecarterAntique vaseChevrolet198VIXENChevroletCadillac Eldorado96VIXENCadillac Eldoradoprimitive dining room210susan75primitive dining roomearly American room210susan75early American roomWoody Wagon48DanMoriartyWoody WagonDashboard140DashboardAngique Auto120Angique Auto^ Antique shop front porch, Mandeville, Louisiana30300zx^ Antique shop front porch, Mandeville, LouisianaAntique car from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99100auricle99Antique car from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99