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3 malpki80Grace13 malpkiEllies in sunset150Cat120Ellies in sunset6135Pododo61Chihuahua in 4 feet of snow96adeler4Chihuahua in 4 feet of snowRoseate Cockatoo [Cacatoès rosalbin]78camille89Roseate Cockatoo [Cacatoès rosalbin]Vulture [Vautour]70camille89Vulture [Vautour]Anybody Home15lydthekidAnybody HomeRita - Up Close6lydthekidRita - Up CloseGypsy Cobb horses120GerivGypsy Cobb horsesdu repos99TOINOUdu reposenvol de canard96TOINOUenvol de canardlièvre96TOINOUlièvreOriginal and replica36mikhailOriginal and replicaDeer88cherylmchughDeerFrogs24bremaiFrogscolors36srslife2001colorsparrots sitting6caprariucarmenparrots sittingAfrican Grey Parrot At The Coffee Shop by Schmetz100frostbitealleyAfrican Grey Parrot At The Coffee Shop by SchmetzIn the wild289In the wild~ Roominating25tulsa7035~ Roominating~ Will summer be here soon?4tulsa7035~ Will summer be here soon?BRIGHTLY COLORED DUCK12zipnonBRIGHTLY COLORED DUCKSWEET PET GUINEA PIG15zipnonSWEET PET GUINEA PIGDoctor Who Cat80cristinamotoleseDoctor Who Cat