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Curious121groc1CuriousLab puppy35VenerdinaLab puppysquirrel300Kaaa26squirrelWild horses in Carson Valley228annboWild horses in Carson ValleyBand director45blaksmythBand directorChicken run48blaksmythChicken runHi, there!60blaksmythHi, there!Care for a drink?70blaksmythCare for a drink?Hi, Mom!60blaksmythHi, Mom!So close....sort of...48blaksmythSo close....sort of...Schmile!56blaksmythSchmile!I don't know him!24blaksmythI don't know him!Please, sir, may we have some more?130blaksmythPlease, sir, may we have some more?Mission: Impossible70blaksmythMission: ImpossibleFacepalm54blaksmythFacepalmBromance70blaksmythBromanceGene Simmons' spirit animal70blaksmythGene Simmons' spirit animalSup, bro?77blaksmythSup, bro?Out of toilet paper...70blaksmythOut of toilet paper...Montague and Capulet88blaksmythMontague and CapuletPaparazzo70blaksmythPaparazzoWhich way did he go, George?117blaksmythWhich way did he go, George?Chipmunks @ @