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Acoma Pueblo Pottery Wedding Vase  by Michelle Shields48swreaderAcoma Pueblo Pottery Wedding Vase by Michelle ShieldsMan and Dog cubist99lcrclMan and Dog cubistPot o gold-22f8b1b031be35BineMajaPot o gold-22f8b1b031beAcoma Street Detail - Sky Studios  201356swreaderAcoma Street Detail - Sky Studios 2013Clivia miniata, cream and yellow35artytypeClivia miniata, cream and yellowSeafood and sushi from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle9999auricle99Seafood and sushi from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99Candy Stripe Carnation36sg2310Candy Stripe CarnationAdams & Knickle Ltd300karlakellyAdams & Knickle LtdWombat and keeper90shaperWombat and keeper1c3589ff5a353433729cc3ab37fd790635DanaDicesaris19651c3589ff5a353433729cc3ab37fd7906Black And White Wolf260AplCdrBlack And White WolfSydney opera house and a ferry77shaperSydney opera house and a ferryIMG_20140601_16181870TanziIMG_20140601_161818DSCN8160108EFordDSCN8160Azalea, pink and mauve35artytypeAzalea, pink and mauveClematis, pink and mauve35artytypeClematis, pink and mauveMarble Canyon - Kootenay National Park, BC, CA70swreaderMarble Canyon - Kootenay National Park, BC, CAJane & Maura96Zor87Jane & MauraTeal house180AnneALHTeal housePeppermint Striped Dahlia72sg2310Peppermint Striped DahliaF58e9a6c2f2a7e48b5ed7177cc54497135DanaDicesaris1965F58e9a6c2f2a7e48b5ed7177cc544971Purple Sky and Lightning300esteff93Purple Sky and LightningHoneysuckle, Lonicera, pink and white35artytypeHoneysuckle, Lonicera, pink and whitePrimula, white and pink35artytypePrimula, white and pink