50 puzzles tagged altar
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St. Joseph's Church, Nazareth96EcclesiastesSt. Joseph's Church, NazarethReady for the Wedding35TigerjagReady for the WeddingDurham Cathedral altar140deanoDurham Cathedral altarNew College Oxford Altar70FrogyNew College Oxford AltarAltare della Patria (The Altar of the Fatherland)Italy, Rome96FrogyAltare della Patria (The Altar of the Fatherland)Italy, RomeRoma - Altare della Patria63gelsominaRoma - Altare della PatriaGreek Catholic Cathedral Cluj,Romania12ardenaGreek Catholic Cathedral Cluj,Romanialovely church12ardenalovely churchSan Giacomo di Rialto, Venezia96EcclesiastesSan Giacomo di Rialto, VeneziaEntrance to the altar, Russian Orthodox church63jepperdeeEntrance to the altar, Russian Orthodox churchSaint Marys Altar40Saint Marys AltarSt Peters Rome35springlady1St Peters RomeVatican Altar99Vatican AltarNew York City St Patrick Cathedral24KaboomerNew York City St Patrick CathedralSt. Ulrich70MAPVSt. UlrichCarrion de los Condes63MAPVCarrion de los CondesAbram-at-schechem-altar80pixxiAbram-at-schechem-altarHecate160hooliganbeakyHecateAltar160hooliganbeakyAltarAltar150hooliganbeakyAltarDedicação do altar48acolitosboavistaDedicação do altarMission-de-San-Ignacio-altar48Mission-de-San-Ignacio-altarAltar 01499Altar 014Altar 499Altar 4