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Ceiling over St. Mary's Altar, Krakow , Poland96oholmesCeiling over St. Mary's Altar, Krakow , PolandSt. Barnabas Kerk, Haastrecht63PictuirSt. Barnabas Kerk, HaastrechtEaster Sunday Church35BlindTigerEaster Sunday ChurchEaster Sunday Altar30BlindTigerEaster Sunday AltarMexican Alterpiece24miterMexican AlterpieceGolden Altar54FortunesafloatGolden AltarAltarpiece by Veit Stoss in Kraków32mika7Altarpiece by Veit Stoss in KrakówAngels in the Art photo by Joe deSousa CCO35FadeAngels in the Art photo by Joe deSousa CCOWicca altar needs wooden box by altarsmoke96WettWicca altar needs wooden box by altarsmokePagan-altar- with-Goddess88WettPagan-altar- with-GoddessAutumn equinox mabon altar by carlavk-d5fnuvq99walkswithAutumn equinox mabon altar by carlavk-d5fnuvqCapilla del Rosario,church of Santo.Domingo.12ardenaCapilla del Rosario,church of Santo.Domingo.Lavizzara, church altar, Switzerland20bodhi4meLavizzara, church altar, SwitzerlandOrthodox Church,Bordusani,Ialomita,Romania12ardenaOrthodox Church,Bordusani,Ialomita,RomaniaReady for the Wedding35TigerjagReady for the WeddingDurham Cathedral altar140deanoDurham Cathedral altarRoma - Altare della Patria63gelsominaRoma - Altare della PatriaGreek Catholic Cathedral Cluj,Romania12ardenaGreek Catholic Cathedral Cluj,Romanialovely church12ardenalovely churchEntrance to the altar, Russian Orthodox church63jepperdeeEntrance to the altar, Russian Orthodox churchSaint Marys Altar40Saint Marys AltarSt Peters Rome35springlady1St Peters RomeVatican Altar99Vatican AltarNew York City St Patrick Cathedral24KaboomerNew York City St Patrick Cathedral