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Greenland Airbus A330-200 OY60ricafuenGreenland Airbus A330-200 OYF8648ricafuenF86Fairey Swordfish Mk I300NotationFairey Swordfish Mk IF4F-4 Wildcat Take off300NotationF4F-4 Wildcat Take offMe 262300NotationMe 262Tu-142M3 Bear Aviation299NotationTu-142M3 Bear AviationFloat Plane140solly2000Float PlaneTriford48ricafuenTriford777 gear49ricafuen777 gearB29 DOC280navy689B29 DOCComing in time to duck48splodgerComing in time to duckAir Do73748ricafuenAir Do737ANA Boeing 747-400D60ricafuenANA Boeing 747-400DSunwing150solly2000SunwingCavok Air Antonov An-1254ricafuenCavok Air Antonov An-12Iberia Airbus A340-60048ricafuenIberia Airbus A340-600Gloster Gladiator48mikhailGloster GladiatorAtna340180binkleeAtna340PUMAX15qwertzPUMAXComing in to land48splodgerComing in to landArt of SLS launch99Art of SLS launch1409p tt 06961409p tt 06SLS-Advanced-Booster98SLS-Advanced-BoosterAmsterdam airport108Amsterdam airport