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Avro60ricafuenAvroS7 Airlines Airbus A31948ricafuenS7 Airlines Airbus A319Bf 109 K-450Bf 109 K-4Korean Air Cargo Boeing 77754ricafuenKorean Air Cargo Boeing 777Germany - Navy Westland Sea King Mk.4154ricafuenGermany - Navy Westland Sea King Mk.41EuroLOT de Havilland Canada DHC-854ricafuenEuroLOT de Havilland Canada DHC-8China Cargo Boeing 77754ricafuenChina Cargo Boeing 777777 and 747 United54ricafuen777 and 747 UnitedF4U-5N corsair56ricafuenF4U-5N corsairAntonov Gear48ricafuenAntonov GearTAM77748ricafuenTAM777A380 gear60ricafuenA380 gearVirgin 77763ricafuenVirgin 777TNT 74748ricafuenTNT 747AIA 747-13248ricafuenAIA 747-132Curtis C-46F54ricafuenCurtis C-46FSuper Étendard - France48mikhailSuper Étendard - FrancePUMAX4qwertzPUMAXEmirates Airlines Airbus A38054ricafuenEmirates Airlines Airbus A380Logos554ricafuenLogos5China Southern Airlines Airbus A38050ricafuenChina Southern Airlines Airbus A380Dutch60ricafuenDutchTrireactores54ricafuenTrireactoresPZL-Mielec TS-8 Bies48mikhailPZL-Mielec TS-8 Bies