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Hope Grooming Tango156WinksHope Grooming TangoHope & Tango Perched130WinksHope & Tango PerchedBaby Hippo96EmbeeBaby HippoKingly35EmbeeKinglyImpala - Africa35EmbeeImpala - AfricaTesting the Breeze150EmbeeTesting the BreezeElephant at Sundown99EmbeeElephant at SundownZebra Galloping120EmbeeZebra GallopingMermaid by kalifa-d5kjdbh110Mermaid by kalifa-d5kjdbhMale Lion96EmbeeMale Lion^ African Violet in green pot36300zx^ African Violet in green potLion Cub120EmbeeLion CubBaby Gorilla70EmbeeBaby GorillaElephants in Botswana117EmbeeElephants in BotswanaCheerful colours35mika7Cheerful coloursFood African feast80sb1981Food African feastZimbabwe180EmbeeZimbabweLilac Breasted Roller - Africa104EmbeeLilac Breasted Roller - AfricaDiane Britton Dunham, colourful art...99715ajan3Diane Britton Dunham, colourful art...North Star Quilt by Diane Britton Durham...80715ajan3North Star Quilt by Diane Britton Durham...Adorable Baby Elephant30EmbeeAdorable Baby ElephantEating Lesson126EmbeeEating LessonBaby Friend35EmbeeBaby FriendBull Elephant126EmbeeBull Elephant