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African civet48EmbeeAfrican civetWildebeest126EmbeeWildebeestAcacia Tree - Namibia 01286EmbeeAcacia Tree - Namibia 01Sable Antelope 0320EmbeeSable Antelope 03Elephant Dust Bath126EmbeeElephant Dust BathHombre Etiopia35DymyHombre EtiopiaBo-Kaap 0463EmbeeBo-Kaap 04Baobab Tree 06180EmbeeBaobab Tree 06Lion Charge140Lion ChargeTHE BEAUTY OF BLACK AND WHITE20zipnonTHE BEAUTY OF BLACK AND WHITETREE in Africa & Giraffes60JustABugTREE in Africa & GiraffesDesert Scene With Camel132KatsusDesert Scene With CamelSunrise lights up Cathkin Peak Drakensburg150Cat120Sunrise lights up Cathkin Peak DrakensburgElephant 14104EmbeeElephant 14Warthog 05165EmbeeWarthog 05Landscape 07 - Africa228EmbeeLandscape 07 - AfricaPelicans 02171EmbeePelicans 02African animals300African animalsWatusi Cows 04126EmbeeWatusi Cows 04Aardvark 0135EmbeeAardvark 01Epupa Falls, Namibia42MurmeleEpupa Falls, NamibiaTanzania 01228EmbeeTanzania 01African Forest Buffalo48EmbeeAfrican Forest BuffaloSerengeti 01221EmbeeSerengeti 01