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The pride24smjmThe prideFalko One Afrique du Sud100ArtstreetFalko One Afrique du SudBaskets - Ethiopia42ospreyBaskets - Ethiopianaw time to research/Alexadria underwater35ninussanaw time to research/Alexadria underwaterthe ancient words for modern world/Alexadria underwater54ninussathe ancient words for modern world/Alexadria underwatertime to see the light again/Alexadria underwater35ninussatime to see the light again/Alexadria underwaterAlexadria underwater/Sphinx35ninussaAlexadria underwater/SphinxAlexadria underwater35ninussaAlexadria underwaterprofile of the Sphinx35ninussaprofile of the SphinxAncient means of transport60ninussaAncient means of transportover the pyramid35ninussaover the pyramidOver the Luxor35ninussaOver the LuxorAncient beauty surrounded by today's78ninussaAncient beauty surrounded by today'sDSC00520204DSC00520Africa Michael Wells MacArthur Foundation126msejenkinsAfrica Michael Wells MacArthur Foundation^ Baskets from South Africa20300zx^ Baskets from South AfricaSpotted Genet110grannycjSpotted GenetGuarding the Night60malumgranatumGuarding the NightDurban Lighthouse © Taiya Löcherbach104mamileDurban Lighthouse © Taiya Löcherbachhidden sun98ninussahidden sunhidden moon35ninussahidden mooninspiration of ancient art36ninussainspiration of ancient artnecklace35ninussanecklaceBright orange flower - Tanzania35leoleobobeoBright orange flower - Tanzania