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^ Leonid Afremov - 'WHERE I GREW UP'35300zx^ Leonid Afremov - 'WHERE I GREW UP'When bird start singing (L.Afremov)300alfiodorWhen bird start singing (L.Afremov)The Coast of Normandy by Leonid Afremov20qwertzThe Coast of Normandy by Leonid Afremov^ Leonid Afremov ~ Rainy Kiss24300zx^ Leonid Afremov ~ Rainy KissCafè in the old city (L.Afremov)300alfiodorCafè in the old city (L.Afremov)Cafe in Paris (L.Afremov)300alfiodorCafe in Paris (L.Afremov)Bus stop (Leonid Afremov)300alfiodorBus stop (Leonid Afremov)Toreador and bull (Leonid Afremov)300alfiodorToreador and bull (Leonid Afremov)Los angeles 1930 (L.Afremov)300alfiodorLos angeles 1930 (L.Afremov)Alley by the river (L.Afremov)300alfiodorAlley by the river (L.Afremov)Joyful Tango (L.Afremov)300alfiodorJoyful Tango (L.Afremov)Ballerina (L.Afremov)300alfiodorBallerina (L.Afremov)Night in the city (L.Afremov)300alfiodorNight in the city (L.Afremov)♥ Charming Cat...30MyDustyGirl♥ Charming Cat...Fog (Leonid Afremov)300alfiodorFog (Leonid Afremov)Night (Leonid Afremov)300alfiodorNight (Leonid Afremov)♥ Sunflowers Of Happiness...30MyDustyGirl♥ Sunflowers Of Happiness...♥ Love Irradiation...36MyDustyGirl♥ Love Irradiation...♥ Under The Red Umbrella...100MyDustyGirl♥ Under The Red Umbrella...♥ October Reflection...100MyDustyGirl♥ October Reflection...♥ Gold Autumn...36MyDustyGirl♥ Gold Autumn...♥ Autumn Walk...100MyDustyGirl♥ Autumn Walk...♥ Rain Princess...100MyDustyGirl♥ Rain Princess...Free painting receive a free painting by leonidafremov-d7qsf3u120Free painting receive a free painting by leonidafremov-d7qsf3u