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Grant and Tory spooked35GerryFGrant and Tory spookedAddie and Tory spooked70GerryFAddie and Tory spookedBeautiful Jamie72GerryFBeautiful JamiePortrait shot of Jamie72GerryFPortrait shot of JamieJamie and Grant on the high perch72GerryFJamie and Grant on the high perchBookends under the bridge70GerryFBookends under the bridgeGrant on the prowl70GerryFGrant on the prowlAdam's Gay OK?50Adam's Gay OK?Sweet Grant70GerryFSweet GrantThe danglebaff72GerryFThe danglebaffGrant and the weeblefly70GerryFGrant and the weebleflyRare 2-headed kitten72GerryFRare 2-headed kitten2013-06-20 Cover72GerryF2013-06-20 CoverJamie winking - Kitties resting70GerryFJamie winking - Kitties restingPortrait - Hello Tory70GerryFPortrait - Hello ToryKitties resting72GerryFKitties restingSleeping Addie70GerryFSleeping AddieHappy Kari72GerryFHappy KariBeautiful Kari72GerryFBeautiful KariHow YOU doing70GerryFHow YOU doingHappy Father's Day FDJ70GerryFHappy Father's Day FDJJust released - Brave Grant in his new world72GerryFJust released - Brave Grant in his new worldWatching and waiting70GerryFWatching and waitingWaiting for the release72GerryFWaiting for the release