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Grant on the prowl70GerryFGrant on the prowlAdam's Gay OK?50Adam's Gay OK?Sweet Grant70GerryFSweet GrantThe danglebaff72GerryFThe danglebaffGrant and the weeblefly70GerryFGrant and the weebleflyRare 2-headed kitten72GerryFRare 2-headed kitten2013-06-20 Cover72GerryF2013-06-20 CoverJamie winking - Kitties resting70GerryFJamie winking - Kitties restingPortrait - Hello Tory70GerryFPortrait - Hello ToryKitties resting72GerryFKitties restingSleeping Addie70GerryFSleeping AddieHappy Kari72GerryFHappy KariBeautiful Kari72GerryFBeautiful KariHow YOU doing70GerryFHow YOU doingHappy Father's Day FDJ70GerryFHappy Father's Day FDJJust released - Brave Grant in his new world72GerryFJust released - Brave Grant in his new worldWatching and waiting70GerryFWatching and waitingWaiting for the release72GerryFWaiting for the releaseMomma - see no evil72GerryFMomma - see no evilFour little babies72GerryFFour little babiesMomma, where are you72GerryFMomma, where are youHere I come Momma72GerryFHere I come MommaAddie close-up72GerryFAddie close-upJamie72GerryFJamie