85 puzzles tagged acrylic
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Colored Acrylic Dominos98gamtnwxColored Acrylic DominosPICASSO  CHECKER GIRL120NORASHEPLEY1234PICASSO CHECKER GIRLPICASSO  ONE MORE DRINK35NORASHEPLEY1234PICASSO ONE MORE DRINKSNOW WHITE150NORASHEPLEY1234SNOW WHITEDSC00096 (1)TWO CRAZY HEADS (1)35NORASHEPLEY1234DSC00096 (1)TWO CRAZY HEADS (1)What dreams have come by Jane Small :)150SisserWhat dreams have come by Jane Small :)Farm scene mailbox35Nora11Farm scene mailboxFarm scene daisies48Nora11Farm scene daisiesPurple Acrylic Ice Rock Vase Gems90sb1981Purple Acrylic Ice Rock Vase Gems^ Colorful acrylic tubes16300zx^ Colorful acrylic tubesButterfly 0248EmbeeButterfly 02Butterfly 0154EmbeeButterfly 01^ Bowl of colorful yarn42300zx^ Bowl of colorful yarnPainting Puzzle15Painting PuzzleLady with Orbs30Nora11Lady with Orbs^ John Bolan - 'Poppy Fields V'100300zx^ John Bolan - 'Poppy Fields V'^ Donna Walker, landscape72300zx^ Donna Walker, landscape^ Art88300zx^ ArtWhirl to the center24Nora11Whirl to the centerSunset tree20Nora11Sunset tree^ The Corner Store ~ Mary Singleton90300zx^ The Corner Store ~ Mary Singleton^ True Meaning - Ford Smith, Modern Art American artist90300zx^ True Meaning - Ford Smith, Modern Art American artist^ Gene Brown90300zx^ Gene Brown^ Robin Purcell, 'November Vines'72300zx^ Robin Purcell, 'November Vines'