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^ Bowl of colorful yarn
Painting Puzzle
Lady with Orbs
^ John Bolan - 'Poppy Fields V'
^ Donna Walker, landscape
^ Art
Whirl to the center
Sunset tree
^ The Corner Store ~ Mary Singleton
^ True Meaning - Ford Smith, Modern Art American artist
^ Gene Brown
^ Robin Purcell, 'November Vines'
^ Anna Teasdale, Calgary House, Isle of Mull, Scotland
triptych 3: fantasy of the imagination
triptych: fantasy of the imagination completed
^ Acrylic painting - Brigitte Dehue
^ Red landscape - Brigitte Dehue
^ Gene Brown - acrylic stylized landscape
Painted Bottles Abstract
Landscape Sketch
Abstract irises
White Magnolias
Silver rose
Turquoise Sun