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Rescue482shy1980Rescue-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-van35barneycat-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-vanMillions of dollars 1696bamaboy420Millions of dollars 16Gold from WW II was put in a German account named Max Heiliger112diana473Gold from WW II was put in a German account named Max HeiligerBe a Millionaire Day -Scrooge McDuck6gelsominaBe a Millionaire Day -Scrooge McDuckPaperone-si-tuffa6gelsominaPaperone-si-tuffa#Luxury Vacation Spot24Kaboomer#Luxury Vacation Spot#The Cruising Life12Kaboomer#The Cruising Life#Just One Bill Please20Kaboomer#Just One Bill Please#A Girl's Best Friend16Kaboomer#A Girl's Best FriendPOTW Puzzles of the Week:Des sous,des sous63IANOUPOTW Puzzles of the Week:Des sous,des sousCountry road108diana473Country roadCanada Geese out for a swim35DanMoriartyCanada Geese out for a swimHawaiian palm trees108diana473Hawaiian palm treesBirds on a tree limb110diana473Birds on a tree limbTree lined back road108diana473Tree lined back roadSplit Pinnacle – Hunan China108diana473Split Pinnacle – Hunan ChinaLittle house in the woods108diana473Little house in the woodsTwo Kittens Sitting on a Log40Two Kittens Sitting on a Log#Banana Trees12Kaboomer#Banana Trees#Beautiful Bare Branches12Kaboomer#Beautiful Bare BranchesLove a tree108diana473Love a treeLeave a trail where there is no path112diana473Leave a trail where there is no pathTree lined path108diana473Tree lined path