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Dusk140diana473DuskLife108diana473LifeMountains and trees120diana473Mountains and treesWisteria garden park117diana473Wisteria garden park#Shady Palm Tree12Kaboomer#Shady Palm TreeAdults Love Treehouses36SmokeybearAdults Love TreehousesWhistlin' Dixie12SmokeybearWhistlin' DixieNative Spirit12SmokeybearNative SpiritOh No!16SmokeybearOh No!Spirit In The Woods24SmokeybearSpirit In The WoodsHey Baby!35SmokeybearHey Baby!Protect a Tree24SmokeybearProtect a TreeArbor Day24SmokeybearArbor Day#Glorious Autumn Tree12Kaboomer#Glorious Autumn Tree#Ripe Peach Tree12Kaboomer#Ripe Peach TreeForest on a beautiful morning108diana473Forest on a beautiful morningWeeping cherry tree108diana473Weeping cherry treeAngel oak tree in South Carolina108diana473Angel oak tree in South CarolinaA touch of class108diana473A touch of class#Palm Tree Heaven Puerto Vallarta Mexico12Kaboomer#Palm Tree Heaven Puerto Vallarta Mexico#Fall Scene12Kaboomer#Fall SceneSocotra dragon tree12tinkerpjSocotra dragon treeBear hugging a tree35heather1Bear hugging a treeChinese cherry42PetereChinese cherry