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Village of Woodstock Vermont USA99gamtnwxVillage of Woodstock Vermont USAJimi at Woodstock24auntpatty34Jimi at Woodstock^ Time for New Beginnings6300zx^ Time for New BeginningsGazebo at Roseland Park48CarolannmoGazebo at Roseland ParkRoseland Park28CarolannmoRoseland Parkwoodstock98woodstockchristopher ursitti art24dankenstynechristopher ursitti art#Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock 196920Kaboomer#Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock 1969^ Jackson House Inn, Woodstock, Vermont35300zx^ Jackson House Inn, Woodstock, VermontSnoopy and Woodstock Christmas70JamieTKSnoopy and Woodstock ChristmasCedric Plays Woodstock30auntpatty34Cedric Plays WoodstockDoorway Woodstock110hilbeavanDoorway WoodstockWoodstock, Vermont24auntpatty34Woodstock, VermontSnoopy6sandrac103Snoopy^ Snoopy ღ Woodstock - Fourth of July12300zx^ Snoopy ღ Woodstock - Fourth of July10866_584307881619637_958540240_n3510866_584307881619637_958540240_nRoseland Cottage Woodstock CT99CarolannmoRoseland Cottage Woodstock CTUse as Desktop Background in December98Use as Desktop Background in DecemberSnoopy & Woodstock's Christmas24WyoAZgalSnoopy & Woodstock's Christmas^ Snoopy and Woodstock as Pilgrims24300zx^ Snoopy and Woodstock as Pilgrims^ Autumn in Woodstock, Vermont48300zx^ Autumn in Woodstock, Vermont^ Snoopy ~ Happy Independence Day16300zx^ Snoopy ~ Happy Independence DaySnoopy and woodstock camping5459DutchieSnoopy and woodstock campingSnoopy & Woodstock - Christmas48Tigre883Snoopy & Woodstock - Christmas