48 पहेली टैग की जा चुकी है wise

Three Wise Men And Star96lcrclThree Wise Men And Star3 wise men99lcrcl3 wise menWise men Star of Bethlehem96lcrclWise men Star of BethlehemThree Wise Men120MsLawteyThree Wise MenWise Men Came Bearing Gifts~ Tom Dubois99BronwynWise Men Came Bearing Gifts~ Tom Dubois^ Anthony Kleem ~ Following the Star35300zx^ Anthony Kleem ~ Following the StarWise Cat54CherieRaMaSoWise CatBeauty35BeautyOWL12zipnonOWLThree Wise Men~ Unknown156BronwynThree Wise Men~ UnknownJourney of the Magi110BronwynJourney of the Magi*Nativity48pinkylee*Nativity22 - Wise Men See Jesus300juliew6422 - Wise Men See JesusIceland88WhitebeardIcelandWise men still seek Him99janellecarterWise men still seek HimWise Owl...100MyTommyBoyWise Owl...Even complexion40Even complexionNobody'sperfect88ninni54Nobody'sperfectThree Guides Facets6creationaryThree Guides FacetsBible Three Guides Facets 15 Piece12Bible Three Guides Facets 15 Piece*Three Wise Men...80MyTommyBoy*Three Wise Men...Barred Owl Pays a Visit to Our House! Berwick ME Feb 8 201148ZealanderBarred Owl Pays a Visit to Our House! Berwick ME Feb 8 2011Owl120lmsuggsOwlAnd the Wise Men Came70TrishaLeeAnd the Wise Men Came