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01572masterpiecer01501372masterpiecer013Cottage35dhcpCottagePink winter80ErobPink winterCardinals @ @ Up Corgi16TigerjagWreathed Up Corgi00572masterpiecer00500272masterpiecer00205870masterpiecer058Red Fox in Kamchatka35kittiesareniceRed Fox in KamchatkaBears in Kamchatka35kittiesareniceBears in Kamchatka^ After the Storm ~ Judith Reilly16300zx^ After the Storm ~ Judith ReillyNature5288aannaaNature5Light has returned to the Lapland144KatinkaGardenerLight has returned to the LaplandFrisky Horse20Cookie303Frisky HorseGrindelwald, Switzerland300RemoteSpotGrindelwald, SwitzerlandJezioro Blausee w Szwajcarii12TuptusiaJezioro Blausee w SzwajcariiA snowy winter's day on the Sissiboo300karlakellyA snowy winter's day on the Sissiboowinter aconite,35anitawittlingerwinter aconite,Waterloo, loo with pyjama300anitawittlingerWaterloo, loo with pyjamaRue35dhcpRueWinter Sunrise Jornada Allan Pedersen Just Breathe n77LuluMarieWinter Sunrise Jornada Allan Pedersen Just Breathe n