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fishing6qwertzfishingflowers beautiful12qwertzflowers beautifulkingfisher6qwertzkingfisherbaby duck6qwertzbaby duckLean on Me - Ruby & Coal90nadjariderLean on Me - Ruby & CoalFlowers-gerbera-roses-orchid-bouquet6hlinikFlowers-gerbera-roses-orchid-bouquetIt is a ride!6hlinikIt is a ride!Purple Z35LetiBravoPurple ZBlue Flycatcher feeds young6hlinikBlue Flycatcher feeds youngOrange birdie36LetiBravoOrange birdieAchtung Schafe!98MediothekAchtung Schafe!Sweet My Foot72Sweet My FootPicasso, Wild Stallion of the West88Picasso, Wild Stallion of the WestBewick's Wren - © 2015 Cawatcher96TigerladyBewick's Wren - © 2015 Cawatcher"DUSTY"130LyleK"DUSTY"Giant turtle caguama Morelia Zoo Mexico35PardomoGiant turtle caguama Morelia Zoo MexicoGuacamaya Morelia Zoo Mexico40PardomoGuacamaya Morelia Zoo MexicoTree sculpture Morelia Zoo Mexico40PardomoTree sculpture Morelia Zoo MexicoElephant Morelia Zoo Mexico35PardomoElephant Morelia Zoo MexicoRhyno Morelia Zoo Mexico40PardomoRhyno Morelia Zoo MexicoMonkey140LadyfingerMonkeyRaccoon12TeaLeafRaccoonBaltimore-orioles-crabapple-pink12hlinikBaltimore-orioles-crabapple-pinkanimals and flowers4hlinikanimals and flowers