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doctor who108ermetedoctor who50 Years of Doctor Who28950 Years of Doctor WhoCaptain Jack60Captain Jack10498294_672462136169488_4614584112798499008_o200vevejunka10498294_672462136169488_4614584112798499008_oP!nk91HencsiiP!nkOod City - Dr. Who. David Tennant72feralblueOod City - Dr. Who. David Tennant♥ Who Let the Sheep Out...70MyDustyGirl♥ Who Let the Sheep Out...Iconic image for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special- The Day of6DrWhoIconic image for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special- The Day ofThe Song of Your Sadness300hugsnotdrugsThe Song of Your Sadness6940211069402Escargot280daxNEscargotElsa in tardis300bejipoElsa in tardisDSC07115150DSC0711513 Doctors200CptColumbo13 DoctorsHedgehog35HedgehogDoctor Who - Robot300Doctor Who - RobotTumblr_n19rh32dmy1s82t8no1_1280300ElodineTumblr_n19rh32dmy1s82t8no1_1280Tumblr_n19rh32dmy1s82t8no2_1280300ElodineTumblr_n19rh32dmy1s82t8no2_1280The Parting of the Ways300hugsnotdrugsThe Parting of the WaysElisabeth Sladen - Doctor Who300Elisabeth Sladen - Doctor WhoWe Shall Sing For You300hugsnotdrugsWe Shall Sing For YouTardis fridge117ursaTardis fridge10th Doctor and Companions108Cygnus686610th Doctor and CompanionsDavid-Tennant-156Cygnus6866David-Tennant-1