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Home is Where the Heart Is150clynndunnHome is Where the Heart IsIMG_299545IMG_2995Arizona Cottonwood Tree in the Fall70swreaderArizona Cottonwood Tree in the FallWhere is my football?20TigerjagWhere is my football?Où est ma serviette?32heringOù est ma serviette?Durant Bank and Trust.96charlene69Durant Bank and Trust.Polar bears lounge-Fairbanks Alaska35KarlitosPolar bears lounge-Fairbanks AlaskaWhere in the world?99janellecarterWhere in the world?Ice Cave or Devil Cave35KarlitosIce Cave or Devil CaveRainbow after the storm50swreaderRainbow after the stormWhere252EcnaremeWhereKalithea288KalitheaCombination of Baboquivari Peak and Kitt Peak observatories63swreaderCombination of Baboquivari Peak and Kitt Peak observatoriesImage108ImageHideaway300angelraemorningHideawayMy city117My cityFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2300MelphieFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2Where the desert meets the sea140shaperWhere the desert meets the seaFC2CFE283FB8BDBD8C97DAC407978D8760FC2CFE283FB8BDBD8C97DAC407978D87Where Ocean Meets Cliffs in Australia120gamtnwxWhere Ocean Meets Cliffs in AustraliaTsingy de Bemaraha National Park70swreaderTsingy de Bemaraha National ParkAmrum Island Where Oldest Bottle With Message Found120gamtnwxAmrum Island Where Oldest Bottle With Message FoundLightening strike110davisyvLightening strikeNahanni national park canada70swreaderNahanni national park canada