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Robin Photobomb63swreaderRobin PhotobombMather Point at Sunrise (in February - note coats)80swreaderMather Point at Sunrise (in February - note coats)Anna and Marnie99wendy7foxAnna and MarnieMarnie's house120wendy7foxMarnie's houseSt. Mark's Square in Venice at Twilight80swreaderSt. Mark's Square in Venice at TwilightThis will win POTW when pigs fly4This will win POTW when pigs flyWhen conditions are right88jrouxwallsWhen conditions are rightTerry Redlin Remember When300SusanneHDTerry Redlin Remember WhenFox Sparrow looking for Breakfast42swreaderFox Sparrow looking for BreakfastSanta Rita Prickly Pear48swreaderSanta Rita Prickly PearSpotted Towhee - Williams, OR50swreaderSpotted Towhee - Williams, ORWhen Pigs Swim...30MyTommyBoyWhen Pigs Swim...Railtown_1897_wayback300theblendRailtown_1897_waybackPatient_bear252Phoenix911Patient_bearLarry Butz78thx01138Larry ButzPocahontas Saves John Smith300theblendPocahontas Saves John SmithVlcsnap-2011-02-18-01h45m54s16321Vlcsnap-2011-02-18-01h45m54s163On October99On OctoberDuntruneCastle(PatrickMackie)Jun2006300theblendDuntruneCastle(PatrickMackie)Jun2006IMG_0291100IMG_0291Ho'ok from the Papago Legends Collection300theblendHo'ok from the Papago Legends Collection~ When I grow up I want to be a tiger!70MyTommyBoy~ When I grow up I want to be a tiger!DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun195theblendDeGrazia Gallery in the SunWhen_freedom_rings_A198When_freedom_rings_A