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The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellow Stone32swreaderThe Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellow StoneAirbus CN235 Transport US Coast Guard48RamblingalAirbus CN235 Transport US Coast GuardAircraft carrier us navy photo108RamblingalAircraft carrier us navy photoSunrise at West Quoddy-head Lighthouse60swreaderSunrise at West Quoddy-head LighthouseUSS Nimitz (CVN-68), a US Navy aircraft carrier.108solarUSS Nimitz (CVN-68), a US Navy aircraft carrier.US Skier Ted Ligety28TigerjagUS Skier Ted LigetyUS Skier David Chodounsky35TigerjagUS Skier David ChodounskyManale Bay, Hawaii60swreaderManale Bay, HawaiiJust The Two of Us182villachampJust The Two of UsTaos Pueblo with luminarias, Christmas.36swreaderTaos Pueblo with luminarias, Christmas.Puzzle160Puzzle1VF-111 F-8H Crusader300LCDR1635VF-111 F-8H CrusaderOval Office98Brock115Oval OfficeWhite House98Brock115White HouseClose-up of Emmons Glacier at Mt Rainier National Park.70swreaderClose-up of Emmons Glacier at Mt Rainier National Park.EA-6300LCDR1635EA-6FJ-4 Fury (Photo=Richard Seaman)300LCDR1635FJ-4 Fury (Photo=Richard Seaman)Central Oregon, USA, Near Bend, taken by Barbie91zentaoCentral Oregon, USA, Near Bend, taken by BarbieF-14 Tomcat300LCDR1635F-14 TomcatF-8 Crusader Launch300LCDR1635F-8 Crusader LaunchE-2 Hawkeye299LCDR1635E-2 HawkeyeVA-86 A-4 Skyhawk300LCDR1635VA-86 A-4 SkyhawkNight Launch72FelixNutsTomcatNight LaunchF/A-18 Hornet300myfairladyz33nF/A-18 Hornet