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sea turtle cove12qwertzsea turtle coveLady elliot island turtle swimming88shaperLady elliot island turtle swimmingHeron island turtle swimming88shaperHeron island turtle swimmingHeron island turtle above staghorn at heron80shaperHeron island turtle above staghorn at heronHeron island turtle and divers88shaperHeron island turtle and diversChristmas island turtle hatchling80shaperChristmas island turtle hatchlingLoggerhead-Turtles-painting36anthizisiLoggerhead-Turtles-paintingUnderwater by Adrian Chestermann54KarindUnderwater by Adrian ChestermannBora Bora6DianeDWBora BoraLife in sea63AngelRoseLife in seaTumblr mq7cqwj22y1rkukq7o1 500300emily4257Tumblr mq7cqwj22y1rkukq7o1 500Selfie With Animals260yankeeSelfie With AnimalsTemp 14248zzpopTemp 142Lion with Turtle300CorInCorkLion with TurtleCamoflaged Turtle300MJC22Camoflaged TurtleTurtle in the Grass300MJC22Turtle in the GrassDoing push-ups160Marlaco55Doing push-upsGiant Turtle, Aldabra, Seychelles96mamileGiant Turtle, Aldabra, Seychellespainted turtle sunbathing6anitawittlingerpainted turtle sunbathingturtle45sadladyturtleFemale painted turtle from thepalguy blog28FadeFemale painted turtle from thepalguy blogSea turtle80Barr13Sea turtleturtles16doxiemom22turtlesBaby turtles on the run70cirquedunecroBaby turtles on the run