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Turtle 170BigSergTurtle 1Eastern box turtle with a look of surprise54leoleobobeoEastern box turtle with a look of surpriseSea Turtle, Oahu, Hawaii144mamashaSea Turtle, Oahu, HawaiiOld snapping turtle June 7.1580eiguocOld snapping turtle June 7.15Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles12715ajan3Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBox turtle24sandrac103Box turtleAlbino turtle, Sri Lanka.100janellecarterAlbino turtle, Sri Lanka.Turtle with butterfly9leoleobobeoTurtle with butterflyGreen Sea Turtle96jtl467Green Sea TurtlePainted Turtle Oregon120gamtnwxPainted Turtle OregonTurtle54QuiltieJTurtleGreen Sea Turtle99jtl467Green Sea TurtleMoon and Courage the Turtle99PhireStormMoon and Courage the TurtleBarrier Reef Turtle160gamtnwxBarrier Reef TurtlePainted turtle130jaydboizPainted turtleBaby Turtle in a Creek60AmyJoyBaby Turtle in a Creek10653454_10152353665697286_9126125485883465152_n19510653454_10152353665697286_9126125485883465152_nTurtle20pawsawayTurtleGreenSeaTurtle-RedSea30SongBirdGreenSeaTurtle-RedSeaSea Turtle in Sea Grass54leoleobobeoSea Turtle in Sea GrassTurtle40naymisTurtleLet's go, my friend by Эдуард Синяков99mamileLet's go, my friend by Эдуард СиняковGoose and Turtles96jtl467Goose and Turtlesyoung sea turtle, Maldives (my photo)24bardunyoung sea turtle, Maldives (my photo)