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Tree roots covering a temple in the Angkor Watt complex, Cambodi150mamashaTree roots covering a temple in the Angkor Watt complex, CambodiArchitecture160carmenrArchitectureSunset Lighthouse~99BronwynSunset Lighthouse~#Tree6Kaboomer#TreeTolantongo, Hidalgo63aricoezTolantongo, HidalgoAmazing cottage12caprariucarmenAmazing cottageZebras and Flamingoes...35715ajan3Zebras and Flamingoes...leaves77MayaRAleavesHanging on for Dear Life63WyoAZgalHanging on for Dear LifePerfect Balance45WyoAZgalPerfect BalanceBaby Lamb - Jan Legg ©204leggie89Baby Lamb - Jan Legg ©car in Detroit12caprariucarmencar in DetroitA Long Way to Water60WyoAZgalA Long Way to WaterOne Rose Into the Sunshine30WyoAZgalOne Rose Into the SunshineMOUNTAIN LAKE300YwYkaMOUNTAIN LAKEBorth petrified forest35WhitebeardBorth petrified forestAutumn35TeaLeafAutumn11755840_560011267487040_8541367005615474888_n48Tara7811755840_560011267487040_8541367005615474888_nautumn in Wanaka15qwertzautumn in Wanakaflock of birds flying ahead of sunset18qwertzflock of birds flying ahead of sunseta talk of colors24qwertza talk of colorstree20qwertztreeSunset Swamp18janea35Sunset Swampcalm after the storm209barduncalm after the storm