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Море-654ARSEМоре-6Sherman BARV300jamfan04Sherman BARVFirefight300jamfan04FirefightWest Texas Windmill36TigerjagWest Texas WindmillKing Tigers300jamfan04King TigersWarrior rear300jamfan04Warrior rearHusky300jamfan04HuskyWatching and waiting, Angola, 1988 (Steel Armor: Blaze of War)140TheFlarePathWatching and waiting, Angola, 1988 (Steel Armor: Blaze of War)The water tank project, NYC36heringThe water tank project, NYCWater Tank, Mudgee Tower, Australia35heringWater Tank, Mudgee Tower, AustraliaPatton Park Hamilton MA117devon451Patton Park Hamilton MAIn production in the SU from 1933 to '41, the T-28 (War Thunder)160TheFlarePathIn production in the SU from 1933 to '41, the T-28 (War Thunder)Doom Turtle T9598BananaHaterDoom Turtle T95King Tiger300jamfan04King TigerTRAIN TANK63Mrflyfishing2TRAIN TANKTank girl and jet girl300SwansonTank girl and jet girlM1A2 Abrams main battle tank299Bogey079M1A2 Abrams main battle tankChieftain main battle tank190Bogey079Chieftain main battle tankAMX-13 light tank300Bogey079AMX-13 light tankPT-76 light tank88Bogey079PT-76 light tankSherman tank180Bogey079Sherman tankWorld War 2300WatervillefirefighterWorld War 2Scratch Lesson 26Scratch Lesson 2tank48tank