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Patterns and Designs by Megan Duncanson60TerriCPatterns and Designs by Megan DuncansonBlueMarble162joanshollfrancisBlueMarblewild turkey at Lynde Shores=March 22.1590eiguocwild turkey at Lynde Shores=March 22.15Rascally Yorkshire Terrier6llgreggRascally Yorkshire TerrierRed spotted newt climbing peaks and ridges24llgreggRed spotted newt climbing peaks and ridgesPeekaboo!6llgreggPeekaboo!Strawberry margarita on the beach24llgreggStrawberry margarita on the beachCrocodile6llgreggCrocodileFried shrimp and calamari on blue platter40llgreggFried shrimp and calamari on blue platterYoung long haired model6llgreggYoung long haired modelGreen Iguana Peeking35llgreggGreen Iguana PeekingAfghan Students24llgreggAfghan StudentsSeriously?24llgreggSeriously?It's just us girls here.35llgreggIt's just us girls here.Just one?12llgreggJust one?Antelope w herd35llgreggAntelope w herdPerky small dog12llgreggPerky small dogHandsome Green Bronze Iguana50llgreggHandsome Green Bronze Iguanacoffee90annatorrcoffee#A Spoonful of Chocolate24Kaboomer#A Spoonful of Chocolate#Scattered Chocalate Bits12Kaboomer#Scattered Chocalate Bits#Chocolates & More6Kaboomer#Chocolates & More#Iron Gated Doors48Kaboomer#Iron Gated Doors#Lemon Cookies128Kaboomer#Lemon Cookies