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Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington #9 At Alne, ME 201796OldJimWiscasset Waterville & Farmington #9 At Alne, ME 2017Tavares, Eustis & Gulf #2 Near Tavares, Eustis, FL 201799OldJimTavares, Eustis & Gulf #2 Near Tavares, Eustis, FL 2017Extrodinary Train36BlindTigerExtrodinary TrainAlaska Railroad 2440ReneDeDoryvilleAlaska Railroad 24Auckland to Wellington train service96GerivAuckland to Wellington train service141 R24walschaert141 Rtrain along river24dankenstynetrain along riverLoco FROT35walschaertLoco FROT141 R au départ28walschaert141 R au départ141 R 141 TD35walschaert141 R 141 TDRomanian CNCF120Romanian CNCFWARREN, MONTANA190cacabuckWARREN, MONTANASOUTH AFRICA192cacabuckSOUTH AFRICAMAJDALENA192cacabuckMAJDALENAloco vapeur 140 c 141 tc35walschaertloco vapeur 140 c 141 tcSteam Engine30walschaertSteam Engine141R1199-24walschaert141R1199-Mallet vallée du doux 0735walschaertMallet vallée du doux 07Mallet 020 020 VFV35walschaertMallet 020 020 VFVImg3135walschaertImg31141 R en voyage15walschaert141 R en voyage141 R Pont tournan24walschaert141 R Pont tournan50007 - Hercules - Crewe 2014260wibble50007 - Hercules - Crewe 2014^ Roanoke Transportation Museum #1218, Virginia20300zx^ Roanoke Transportation Museum #1218, Virginia