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Ashkelon Ocean60MyQueen07Ashkelon OceanStar Fish40MyQueen07Star FishBoat32MyQueen07BoatSun going into the ocean albany wa80shaperSun going into the ocean albany waSunset over the lake77shaperSunset over the lakeThe Beatles 4140Cherry80The Beatles 4Bear standing-Anchorage-Alaska35KarlitosBear standing-Anchorage-AlaskaVillage sur le lac96ValerieLVillage sur le lacCabin in the woods70cmcxoxCabin in the woodsPavilion of the Enlightened in Ancient City Siam, Thailand35mika7Pavilion of the Enlightened in Ancient City Siam, ThailandFrosted wonderland of blue-green painted hills88swreaderFrosted wonderland of blue-green painted hillsWinnie the Pooh Kinkade 2300CRChesnuttWinnie the Pooh Kinkade 2Lady and the Tramp Kinkade300CRChesnuttLady and the Tramp KinkadeRichard harmon 100300Richard harmon 100Crimson rosella backdrop of Lamington orchids40swreaderCrimson rosella backdrop of Lamington orchidsThe Coastal Range70bobduckyThe Coastal Range001 (31)108001 (31)The Hand of God300scafleetThe Hand of GodCody's Australian Home The Rescuers Down Under35dankenstyneCody's Australian Home The Rescuers Down UnderThe Simpons - Addams Family150Cherry80The Simpons - Addams FamilyThe Jungle Book300FairyCutie86The Jungle Book42ecbbbbdd6222777fd7d5554d7e819132DanaDicesaris196542ecbbbbdd6222777fd7d5554d7e8191Village in the Alps96gamtnwxVillage in the Alps12593588_1746940305547923_1791173769120988703_o60marci12593588_1746940305547923_1791173769120988703_o