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Joseph_Lorusso_The_Hat_Shop72TrishaLeeJoseph_Lorusso_The_Hat_ShopSOMBRERERIA80TrishaLeeSOMBRERERIALA GALETTE DES MOULINS72TrishaLeeLA GALETTE DES MOULINSDSC_028680TrishaLeeDSC_0286French-storefront-1-debbie-dewitt80TrishaLeeFrench-storefront-1-debbie-dewittPH200909040188272TrishaLeePH2009090401882OLIVIERS & CO. PARIS70TrishaLeeOLIVIERS & CO. PARISAd27b18368e409afe0c1adfbe4a6d14470TrishaLeeAd27b18368e409afe0c1adfbe4a6d144Honerdukes outside70TrishaLeeHonerdukes outsideHome on the Range of Antelope Flats, WY70swreaderHome on the Range of Antelope Flats, WYCafe In The Evening120gamtnwxCafe In The EveningPeace and Quiet On The Beach117gamtnwxPeace and Quiet On The BeachWalk Bridge Over The Creek120gamtnwxWalk Bridge Over The CreekTrain In The Mountains120gamtnwxTrain In The MountainsThe Moss224forheksetThe MossThe Simpsons TV300Brookie88The Simpsons TVChateau Chenenceau, Loire Valley, France32jillcarolynChateau Chenenceau, Loire Valley, France11813499_856832164371201_1310968523257332933_n300Pepper2211813499_856832164371201_1310968523257332933_nThe basalt wall of Hegyes-tű63swreaderThe basalt wall of Hegyes-tűStone Mountain, Georgia32nightlyowlStone Mountain, GeorgiaThe Black Bear Inn, Bettws Newydd35WhitebeardThe Black Bear Inn, Bettws NewyddThe Blue Danube Bend and Island60swreaderThe Blue Danube Bend and IslandBudapest - Capital of Hungary city & park region of incredible70swreaderBudapest - Capital of Hungary city & park region of incredibleFall Color in the  Danube-Ipoly National Park in Hungary70swreaderFall Color in the Danube-Ipoly National Park in Hungary