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Sunshinesymbol48naymisSunshinesymbolPointing The Way Arzua to Santiago40AmyJoyPointing The Way Arzua to SantiagoJustice Symbol209AmyJoyJustice SymbolShip-Shape Weather Vane170AmyJoyShip-Shape Weather VaneCamino Path Marker54AmyJoyCamino Path MarkerLeaving Logrono40AmyJoyLeaving LogronoGIANT SMILEY, BE HAPPY9zipnonGIANT SMILEY, BE HAPPY#Earth Day 201516Kaboomer#Earth Day 2015On The Way to Logrono84AmyJoyOn The Way to LogronoTriglav Mountain - highest mountain in Slovenia  (9, 369 ft.)70swreaderTriglav Mountain - highest mountain in Slovenia (9, 369 ft.)Villanua Road Sign48AmyJoyVillanua Road SignArmenian Crosses50AmyJoyArmenian CrossesFree Mason Hut108AmyJoyFree Mason HutCarcassonne Pilgrims Can Fill Water Bottles48AmyJoyCarcassonne Pilgrims Can Fill Water BottlesCamino Lanyards - Armissan160AmyJoyCamino Lanyards - ArmissanHorus Symbol 1300KaraMelekHorus Symbol 1Ying-Yang Zen300KaraMelekYing-Yang ZenBatman Symbol by KidWilco252kdwesnerBatman Symbol by KidWilcoIndian Symbol80KaboomerIndian SymbolSIGN OF GOOD TASTE35srslife2001SIGN OF GOOD TASTESYMBOLS OF FREEDOM35srslife2001SYMBOLS OF FREEDOMAmerican bald eagle in flight45swreaderAmerican bald eagle in flightSymbol42TagyrtSymbol^ July 4 ~ Independence Day72300zx^ July 4 ~ Independence Day