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My Pictures000170My Pictures0001Berne - Switzerland48mikhailBerne - SwitzerlandOberhofen Castle99BrigitteLOberhofen CastleMountains of Switzerland300mamapchMountains of SwitzerlandCastle77soraya7CastleStreet of Switzerland300FranklyFrankieStreet of SwitzerlandArctic Cloudberries112AmyJoyArctic CloudberriesChristmas markets Basilea300Christmas markets BasileaLightening Flash over Swiss Federal Palace60feralblueLightening Flash over Swiss Federal Palace^ Lake Geneva, Montreux Switzerland45300zx^ Lake Geneva, Montreux SwitzerlandMythen221MurphyMythenClimbing the Pennine Alps300Taty73Climbing the Pennine AlpsIMG_5268300IMG_5268Darn The Ladder Fell112AmyJoyDarn The Ladder FellSwiss Alpine Village Church209AmyJoySwiss Alpine Village ChurchAvalanche Prevention140AmyJoyAvalanche PreventionWinter Chalets192AmyJoyWinter ChaletsCountry Road in Switzerland99DarlaCountry Road in Switzerland^ Monte Rosa, Zermatt, Switzerland40300zx^ Monte Rosa, Zermatt, Switzerland^ Arosa - Switzerland48300zx^ Arosa - SwitzerlandFemale goosander, Nyon, 4 Jan 1599LuinsFemale goosander, Nyon, 4 Jan 15^ Sheep Switchback, The Alps, Switzerland40300zx^ Sheep Switchback, The Alps, SwitzerlandSunrise 19 Dec 201490LuinsSunrise 19 Dec 2014NEW_015196NEW_0151