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Locomotive 4535mika7Locomotive 45JacobiteTrain 06 LeavingFortWilliam 846198Rawiri42JacobiteTrain 06 LeavingFortWilliam 846Pulpwood yard at Wyeth Paper Mill140Pulpwood yard at Wyeth Paper MillG.W.R. Dean class 26xx Aberdare 2-6-032WhitebeardG.W.R. Dean class 26xx Aberdare 2-6-0G.W.R. class 43xx (WW1 R.O.D. livery)35WhitebeardG.W.R. class 43xx (WW1 R.O.D. livery)NZGR J1211 at speed300Rawiri42NZGR J1211 at speedL.M.S. Fowler 'Crab' 5MT 2-6-035WhitebeardL.M.S. Fowler 'Crab' 5MT 2-6-0Ex-L.M.S. Ivatt 2mt 2-6-035WhitebeardEx-L.M.S. Ivatt 2mt 2-6-0Ex-L.M.S. Stanier Mogul 2-6-035WhitebeardEx-L.M.S. Stanier Mogul 2-6-0Ka942 at Henderson 1990198Rawiri42Ka942 at Henderson 1990Glenfinnan viaduct150Rawiri42Glenfinnan viaductBLOWER OFF STEAM100Mrflyfishing2BLOWER OFF STEAMGlenbrook, NZ Alco Mallet204Rawiri42Glenbrook, NZ Alco MalletAutumn Train~ Howard Fogg99BronwynAutumn Train~ Howard FoggKing~ Root99BronwynKing~ RootBrigadelok198Rawiri42BrigadelokFlying Scotsman at Burrs204Rawiri42Flying Scotsman at Burrs34C4C30400000578-3616666-Mr Keeley died in 1999 and the annual K12034C4C30400000578-3616666-Mr Keeley died in 1999 and the annual KOut of the Night~ Terence Cuneo99BronwynOut of the Night~ Terence CuneoBure Valley Railway Steam Locomotives Aylsham Norfolk98Rawiri42Bure Valley Railway Steam Locomotives Aylsham NorfolkSteam Engine on Display in Williams AZ88powers1Steam Engine on Display in Williams AZCog Train at Twin Mountain140Cog Train at Twin MountainLocomotive 4435mika7Locomotive 44D&SNG 482 & 480 2006252Rawiri42D&SNG 482 & 480 2006