38 puzzles tagged stare

Shiner150BigTaterShinerJack150BigTaterJackWoman devian art108ggrm2kWoman devian artKunyuma- Dec 9/14- wild earth safari drive91eiguocKunyuma- Dec 9/14- wild earth safari driveOne of the Birmingham boys from Safari Drives, WildEarth77eiguocOne of the Birmingham boys from Safari Drives, WildEarthDouble Stare32dellyloveDouble StareThe Stare77WolfsnapThe StareUlica Żegrze80Orlabialego24Ulica ŻegrzeIntense Stare...100MyDustyGirlIntense Stare...Intense Stare...90MyTommyBoyIntense Stare...Panorama Poznania48Panorama PoznaniaPredatory Stare...120MyDustyGirlPredatory Stare...Shiner150BigTaterShiner52992877ChristineDaae529928Watching you70nioinWatching youAlice's thoughts70nioinAlice's thoughts"They are coming!"72nioin"They are coming!"Stare45StareGlados under surveillance (for a change)72nioinGlados under surveillance (for a change)Glados shows A.I. while Hal observes66nioinGlados shows A.I. while Hal observesGlados' revelation78nioinGlados' revelation< O . O >35nioin< O . O >Family A.I.77nioinFamily A.I.... ripe to play Ripley O.O35nioin... ripe to play Ripley O.O