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Stained glass blue with hints of yellow300barbaralrStained glass blue with hints of yellowStained glass hints of blues288barbaralrStained glass hints of bluesStained glass bloom by Wolfepaw35GranabellaStained glass bloom by WolfepawTom Fruin-stained glass house at Brooklyn Bridge90GranabellaTom Fruin-stained glass house at Brooklyn BridgeMiniature world: Wings of dragonfly56KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Wings of dragonflyStained-glass-window-film120jayniebbStained-glass-window-filmStained glass house under Brooklyn bridge80GranabellaStained glass house under Brooklyn bridgeStained glass sleeper car by Dominic Wilcox80GranabellaStained glass sleeper car by Dominic WilcoxStained glass108hughsurnameStained glassWright, Frank Lloyd Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers90docrabbitsWright, Frank Lloyd Saguaro Forms and Cactus FlowersStained glass panels inside house56Vivien2012Stained glass panels inside houseInside stained glass cabin 256Vivien2012Inside stained glass cabin 2Inside Stained Glass Cabin 554Vivien2012Inside Stained Glass Cabin 5Stained glass cabin in the woods54Vivien2012Stained glass cabin in the woodsStained glass by satania209irenetsStained glass by sataniaExeter Cathedral180tnbsktsExeter CathedralStained Glass42Vivien2012Stained GlassTiffany, Louis C. Mountain Spring88docrabbitsTiffany, Louis C. Mountain Springbold colors99andbuckbold colorsStained Glass - Greyfriars House and Garden99Magpie627Stained Glass - Greyfriars House and GardenStained Glass Circle156GarbooStained Glass CircleEnchanted rose stained glass200RykoszetEnchanted rose stained glassNorway artic cathedral105eridaneNorway artic cathedralstained glass160yankeestained glass