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Auckland - Yarn Bomb Squid60AmyJoyAuckland - Yarn Bomb SquidClose up Southern calamari squid54shaperClose up Southern calamari squidScreen Shot 2017-05-11 at 17.08.53252Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 17.08.53Hawaiian bobtail squid - Mark R Smith117springyHawaiian bobtail squid - Mark R SmithSeafood Platter by Dennis The Prescott180blogalagSeafood Platter by Dennis The PrescottCuttle Fish70AmyJoyCuttle FishChambered-nautilus45GoatsemanChambered-nautilusGiant cuttlefish - Scott Portelli48ospreyGiant cuttlefish - Scott PortelliBoil squid ink pasta for eight minutes 095635pizzapopBoil squid ink pasta for eight minutes 0956Galacia Region Squid49AmyJoyGalacia Region SquidPupol Octopus108AmyJoyPupol OctopusSeafood130AmyJoySeafoodFish Market Squid on Sale154AmyJoyFish Market Squid on SaleParty squid & harissa mayo80Lynx77Party squid & harissa mayoAncient Jug w Squid Crete Greece80AmyJoyAncient Jug w Squid Crete GreeceEnhanced-buzz-wide-11357-1371361785-10300Enhanced-buzz-wide-11357-1371361785-10Squid Eggs99lizwSquid EggsChili peter grosshauer35gasshoChili peter grosshauershanalogic168shanalogicSquid Pigment Sacks96wasakahSquid Pigment SacksVampire-squid63pathways007Vampire-squidSquid108Squideyes, Colossal Squid, 11 inches in diameter!12normaloiseyes, Colossal Squid, 11 inches in diameter!Sundress Marie120WitbutchSundress Marie