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éphémère de Virginie bleue IMG_321130girondineéphémère de Virginie bleue IMG_3211fly upon red rose IMG_322230girondinefly upon red rose IMG_3222blossom and buds IMG_324630girondineblossom and buds IMG_3246two-coloured iris IMG_325030girondinetwo-coloured iris IMG_3250sauge rouge red sage IMG_325335girondinesauge rouge red sage IMG_3253fly upon yellow iris IMG_326735girondinefly upon yellow iris IMG_3267red iris IMG_327035girondinered iris IMG_3270rhododendron IMG_328330girondinerhododendron IMG_3283rhododendron IMG_328935girondinerhododendron IMG_3289azalée IMG_329435girondineazalée IMG_3294pansies IMG_329835girondinepansies IMG_3298éphémère de Virginie tradescantia IMG_331030girondineéphémère de Virginie tradescantia IMG_3310blossom IMG_331630girondineblossom IMG_3316bud IMG_331930girondinebud IMG_3319roses IMG_332230girondineroses IMG_3322in the pink!24jccad007in the pink!a lone flower in a dark forest24jccad007a lone flower in a dark forestSa cvecem u kosi180luka2005Sa cvecem u kosiMay Nosegay117AmyJoyMay NosegayWaxwing24mika7Waxwing^ Spring in the garden48300zx^ Spring in the gardenBob Fair 'Lost Kite'150rwmainBob Fair 'Lost Kite'Flowers18jlppsFlowersSplendor in pink150mamashaSplendor in pink