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Monti Sibillini, Italy300Taty73Monti Sibillini, ItalyEarly snow in the swamp80LaZoilaEarly snow in the swampFiling images 8a56594bea9930SiszejFiling images 8a56594bea99Sunset88annapandoraSunsetWinter Bird with Red Berries120prettyswellWinter Bird with Red BerriesMoonlight Travelers Painting25tulsa7035Moonlight Travelers PaintingPenguins-animals-birds-antarctica-snow-winter240lovellPenguins-animals-birds-antarctica-snow-winterLab in Snow270longiaruLab in SnowChow Snow36sb1981Chow SnowChristmas Art by John Sloane...80715ajan3Christmas Art by John Sloane...Frozen Wallpaper...12715ajan3Frozen Wallpaper...Winter on it's way120sherrie11Winter on it's wayLife in malubiu 0026alanaharrisonLife in malubiu 002Snow and shadow-2015130Snow and shadow-2015Abandoned chairs in snow96forheksetAbandoned chairs in snowRed army fighting in the snow 194335GioconnoConnoRed army fighting in the snow 1943Snowy Autumn Day240longshotkidSnowy Autumn DayXmas Night120CarolFXmas NightLandscape150sandrac103Landscape'Christmas choir' by Marcello Corti...99715ajan3'Christmas choir' by Marcello Corti...Nancy Wernersbach, christmas art...60715ajan3Nancy Wernersbach, christmas art...Cold Spell by John Sloane, so pretty...80715ajan3Cold Spell by John Sloane, so pretty...Warm Welcome by John Sloane...99715ajan3Warm Welcome by John Sloane...Spring sunrise260dvsealsSpring sunrise