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^ After the Storm ~ Judith Reilly16300zx^ After the Storm ~ Judith ReillyLight has returned to the Lapland144KatinkaGardenerLight has returned to the LaplandFrisky Horse20Cookie303Frisky HorseFun in the snow36BugsbunnyFun in the snowSnow Scene150JigsawerSnow SceneGrindelwald, Switzerland300RemoteSpotGrindelwald, SwitzerlandJezioro Blausee w Szwajcarii12TuptusiaJezioro Blausee w SzwajcariiBuster's dory in the snow300karlakellyBuster's dory in the snowRue35dhcpRueSnowdrops and Bird Warren Photographic70LuluMarieSnowdrops and Bird Warren PhotographicFrost roses60KatinkaGardenerFrost rosesWinter Wedding32TigerjagWinter WeddingWinter Trees24TigerjagWinter TreesPanda in the snow (Papa Tian Tian)77heights18145Panda in the snow (Papa Tian Tian)Thinking spring24FurtiveThinking springI do not like groundhog predictions24FurtiveI do not like groundhog predictionsWhistler, British Columbia35JigsawtommiWhistler, British ColumbiaWinter24TigerjagWinterSnow grooming140Snow groomingJohn Sloane-autumn-painting24gelsominaJohn Sloane-autumn-paintingYA Books224PonyboyCurtis4YA Books^ Best part of the weekend ~ Merry Kohn Buvia36300zx^ Best part of the weekend ~ Merry Kohn Buviadog42Ciupercutadogearly spring-Japanese cherry12ardenaearly spring-Japanese cherry