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Winter Art by John Sloane...99715ajan3Winter Art by John Sloane...15965161_1431584190199012_4554470820645339284_n28515965161_1431584190199012_4554470820645339284_nThe true story of little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf35ninussaThe true story of little Red Riding Hood and the WolfBeauty and the beast35ninussaBeauty and the beastWelcome to my pad, WINTER!6jillnjoWelcome to my pad, WINTER!Arctic fox - Iceland60leoleobobeoArctic fox - IcelandDona Gelsinger 'Snow Sweethearts'150rwmainDona Gelsinger 'Snow Sweethearts'Moulin sous la neige70ArtstreetMoulin sous la neigeImage in a Glass Ball63AnnikeImage in a Glass BallBoreal forest in Finland12ardenaBoreal forest in Finland^ Ilona Fekete art35300zx^ Ilona Fekete art^ Snowing at the house in winter32300zx^ Snowing at the house in winterSnow300astridreinsliSnowwinter wonderland77bardunwinter wonderlandWhite cat in a snowy tree ruhg3ewt6yp-2180woeboWhite cat in a snowy tree ruhg3ewt6yp-2sunrise through the trees110AtoZsunrise through the treesThe MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane ii99BronwynThe MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane iiWinter isolation60occhiverdiWinter isolationTurning Back the Clock~ Wooster Scott99BronwynTurning Back the Clock~ Wooster ScottFisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary99BronwynFisherman's Bastion, Budapest, HungarySnow Flakes 'n Icicles1082WranglersSnow Flakes 'n IciclesViola' Prancin & Dancin99janellecarterViola' Prancin & Dancinenjoy snowmobile12ardenaenjoy snowmobileIMG_0057128idsweetie72IMG_0057