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we love the snow35dankenstynewe love the snowSnow White48nollySnow WhiteWinter Misia :I35ninussaWinter Misia :IBNSF 8937160Mrflyfishing2BNSF 8937Red-cottage-69008 960 72035gelsominaRed-cottage-69008 960 720Alesund, Norway96mamileAlesund, NorwayDallas Divide, Colorado300yapadageDallas Divide, Colorado07770masterpiecer077Tucked Away140DIMLTucked AwayWinter snow160MarciePWinter snow^ Ice cutter boats on the Hudson River, New York City30300zx^ Ice cutter boats on the Hudson River, New York CityMilky Way15ardenaMilky WayTwo Snow Cats80NickDanger1Two Snow CatsAncient tree in an English winter72feralblueAncient tree in an English winterFirefly Episode + a winter planet72feralblueFirefly Episode + a winter planetAlaska - beautiful landscape91TuptusiaAlaska - beautiful landscapewild Russia12ardenawild Russia03670masterpiecer03603570masterpiecer035Alpine Village Hallstatt, Austria45trulyAlpine Village Hallstatt, Austria03372masterpiecer03303272masterpiecer03203170masterpiecer031Spring is coming40sadladySpring is coming