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Tardis in the sky by chaosacathla-d5s9hn5300TheBigKTardis in the sky by chaosacathla-d5s9hn5The Passage to Illumination by Martyn Smith126LeeShipton42The Passage to Illumination by Martyn SmithWorth 1000, Will Smith Caricature49AppleBWorth 1000, Will Smith Caricature^ Kay Smith ~ Mission Gate48300zx^ Kay Smith ~ Mission GatePic by Ken Smith Capitol Colors NTTL160nekiteflyerPic by Ken Smith Capitol Colors NTTLJessie Willcox Smith96Jessie Willcox Smith^ Kay Smith ~ Winter Farmhouse48300zx^ Kay Smith ~ Winter Farmhousematt smith300matt smith^ Smith Island Cake48300zx^ Smith Island CakeENLARGE_02bruce_smith150rusty356ENLARGE_02bruce_smithBruceSmith120rusty356BruceSmithWho vs Vader108wshannonbWho vs VaderDragonfly99jawstaysunDragonflyGreat Horned Owl96jawstaysunGreat Horned OwlYellow Flower99jawstaysunYellow FlowerRaking Hay99jawstaysunRaking HayPurple Coneflower98jawstaysunPurple ConeflowerSalamonie Sunrise96jawstaysunSalamonie SunriseIndiana Schoolhouse98jawstaysunIndiana SchoolhousePurple Flower98jawstaysunPurple FlowerSalamonie Sunset80jawstaysunSalamonie SunsetHummingbird Moth80jawstaysunHummingbird MothThe Grapevine48jawstaysunThe GrapevineCircus Performer70jawstaysunCircus Performer