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Roban's Barn in Valley of Mt Ojstrica Slovenia96gamtnwxRoban's Barn in Valley of Mt Ojstrica SloveniaLand of Kings Kozarisce Slovenia96gamtnwxLand of Kings Kozarisce SloveniaChapel Obcina Cerknica Slovenia96gamtnwxChapel Obcina Cerknica SloveniaLake Bled98eledemiLake BledLake Bled SLOVENIA120claudiacm1146Lake Bled SLOVENIASlovenia Predjama-Castle Winter-snow120claudiacm1146Slovenia Predjama-Castle Winter-snowKozjak Waterfall Slovenia117claudiacm1146Kozjak Waterfall SloveniaSlovenia: Predjama Castle18patijewlSlovenia: Predjama CastleCity Center Ljubljana Slovenia98gamtnwxCity Center Ljubljana SloveniaWaterfall Slovenia96gamtnwxWaterfall SloveniaCastle on bled lake150shanteresaCastle on bled lakeSoca river slovenia91shaperSoca river sloveniaShops and Homes Slovenia99gamtnwxShops and Homes SloveniaMuseum Train Slovenia117gamtnwxMuseum Train SloveniaBled Island Slovenia96gamtnwxBled Island SloveniaLake Bled in Autumn Bled Slovenia96gamtnwxLake Bled in Autumn Bled SloveniaPredjama Castle Slovenia96gamtnwxPredjama Castle SloveniaCastle Northeast Slovenia120gamtnwxCastle Northeast SloveniaMozirje, Slovenia300Taty73Mozirje, SloveniaSlovenia91shaperSloveniaGetting the Job Done Kovacova Slovenia99gamtnwxGetting the Job Done Kovacova SloveniaHiking trail and bridge over the Radovna River70swreaderHiking trail and bridge over the Radovna RiverVintgar Gorge near Bled on a Snowy Day40swreaderVintgar Gorge near Bled on a Snowy DayLjubljana buildings96MizliLjubljana buildings